Vacation Care services in Gisborne Region

In Gisborne Region we have 5 Vacation Care services

The average cost is $5.00 hourly, $50.00 daily (10 hours)

The average Education Review Office Rating (ERO) is Out of scope of the ERO.

  Vacation Care Articles & Tips

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An Overview of Before School, After School and School Holiday Child Care Options

Everything you need to know about Outside School Hours (OOSH) Care: including how to find a service near you, costs, school holiday options and more.

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Child Care Strategies for the School Holidays

Tried and tested child care strategies for working parents who only have four weeks leave a year and need to find 12 weeks care for school aged kids.

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What Types of Child Care Are There?

An overview of the different child care services available to families, including centre based care and in-home care options, and how families can access them.

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What is the OSCAR Subsidy?

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