Purpose built education and care services, which focus on play-based learning for children aged zero-five

Childcare services in Dunedin City


In Dunedin City we have 110 Childcare services


The average cost is $5.30 hourly, $53.04 daily (10 hours)


The average Education Review Office Rating (ERO) is Well placed/He pai te tūnga.

Child Care Articles & Tips

An overview of Kōhanga Reo

Kohanga Reo are language nests that care for young children in a Maori cultural environment and there’s a focus on social development for all ages.

Overview on teacher-led vs parent or Whānau-led child care

In teacher-led services, paid staff have the main responsibility for children’s care and education.

How to celebrate indigenous languages in your centre

Languages link us to individual identity, traditional culture and memory, learn how to celebrate diverse languages in your service.

How to help your child successfully settle in to child care

Being the new kid on the block can be a daunting experience for young children. To help your tyke get off to a great start, here are some ways to prepare them for life at care.

How Is Child Care Quality Ensured?

How quality early childhood education and care is delivered in different settings, and what parents can do if they’re concerned about something.


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