Childcare services in Manawatu-Wanganui Region

In Manawatu-Wanganui Region we have 282 Childcare services

The average cost is $5.17 hourly, $51.69 daily (10 hours)

The average Education Review Office Rating (ERO) is Requires further development/Me whakawhanake ake.

  Child Care Articles & Tips

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What Types of Child Care Are There?

An overview of the different child care services available to families, including centre based care and in-home care options, and how families can access them.

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An Overview of Education and Care Centres

Everything you need to know about long day care centres, including what they do, how much they cost, how to spot a good one and how to get a spot

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Early Childhood Education Service Checklist

A printable Child Care Centre Checklist which makes it quicker and easier for families to choose the right child care service for their kids.

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How Do I Choose an Early Childhood Education Service?

There are many great reasons for your child to attend an early childhood education service (ECE), but the big question is – which ECE service is the right fit for your family?

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How to Help Your Child Successfully Settle in to Child Care

To help your little one get off to a great start, here are some ways to prepare them for life at an early childhood education service and support them during the settling-in period.

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How to Manage Issues With Your Child Care Service

Stress free strategies for quickly and effectively managing issues with your child care service using openness, positive communication and a problem solving approach.

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Overview on Teacher-led vs Parent or Whānau-led Child Care

There are many early childhood education services and kōhanga reo available to families, and how they’re run depends on whether they’re teacher-led, parent-led or whānau-led (family-led).  Here we look at what these distinctions mean in practice and see how quality is assured whether teachers, parents or whānau are leading the learning.

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The Value of Visiting Child Care Services

Visiting child care centres offers valuable insights and opportunities to ask questions, which makes it easier to decide which service is right for your family.

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What are the features of a high-quality early childhood education service?

9 ways to identify a high-quality early education service and how to choose the best service for your child and family.

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What outcomes to expect from early childhood education

ECE services and kōhanga reo build a strong foundation for your child's future success and arm your child with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them become lifelong learners.


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