Fun Father's Day craft ideas to make Dad proud

Published on Tuesday, 27 August 2019
Last updated on Tuesday, 31 December 2019

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Young children love giving homemade gifts and artwork to their parents and loved ones, and even more so when there's a special purpose in mind.

With Father's Day right around the corner it's a great opportunity to keep those little hands busy and build those fine motor skills.

Father's Day craft creations can be ideal for other father figures too, such as grandfathers, godfathers, and uncles, meaning no one is left out. Here are ten fun Father's Day craft ideas to try in your service.

  1. Finger painted 'Dad' card
    Simply cut out the word DAD and stick lightly to a piece of paper. Then let the kids go wild with colourful finger painting. When done peel off the word for a wonderful piece of art!
  2. 'Dad Rocks' paperweight
    Create a dough using flour, salt, and water and then press small pebbles into it to spell out 'Dad Rocks' and bake in the oven for a touching keepsake. Kids will love collecting the stones beforehand too.
  3. Painted rocks
    An alternative to the baked 'dad rocks' paperweight is to use an actual stone and decorate it! Paint pens are great for this plus you can even add glitter, feathers or other items, and write different heartfelt or rock themed messages too such as 'You're my rock.'
  4. Handprint portrait art
    Little hands make the best paint brushes! Using different coloured paints, you can create a cute handprint portrait of Dad and sharpies or other pens are perfect for the finer details.
  5. Best Dad hands down
    Another handprint masterpiece! All you need is their two little painted hands on a piece of a paper, and then you can write words around them, or alternatively use a printed template. Perfect for the really young ones.
  6. Daddy and Me coffee mug
    This idea is super cute. A plain white mug and paint pens and you can create an adorable fingerprint figure artwork on dad’s daily cup of coffee.
  7. 3D Dad stand-up card
    Cut out the word DAD in cardboard and then let the kids decorate it with paints, glitter, stickers and more. When folded after each letter it makes a great stand up card!
  8. Hooked on Daddy
    A sweet fish themed card idea involving a cut-out handprint, paddle pop stick, piece of thread and coloured card. Lots of different ways to go with this theme, and it doesn't even matter if they're not into fishing!
  9. Number One Dad
    This DIY rosette style badge for Dad to wear is really fun and there are lots of different ways you can make them. Other similar ideas include a best dad ribbon or trophy cup.
  10. Papa Bear card
    Another cute card idea – this time a folded card in the shape of a bear face, complete with nose and googly eyes! Kids will love making the bear their own with different colours and features.

Thanks to Crafts by AmandaClare's Little TotsJelly Beans ChildcareEasy Peasy and FunLa La's Home DaycareThe Best Ideas for Kids, and Baker Ross for their fabulous Father's Day craft ideas.

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