Winter STEM Ideas

Published on Tuesday, 04 June 2019
Last updated on Tuesday, 31 December 2019

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Now that winter is officially here and children are spending more time indoors, there's never been a better time to embrace the new season with some fun new activities.

From cute arts and crafts to interesting STEM projects for development, integrating the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, here are ten winter themed ideas to keep little hands busy over these cooler months.

  1. Marshmallow igloos
    Tiny engineers will love the challenge of making their own mini igloos out of white marshmallows and toothpicks. The only tricky bit will be making sure the children don't eat more than they use!
  2. Cupcake liner snowflakes
    A great opportunity to practice scissor skills! Paper snowflakes are brilliant for so many reasons. Each one is unique and once they're done you can stick them to walls or hang them as decorations.
  3. Wintery playdough
    Simply make a batch of homemade blue playdough and mix in a bunch of silver glitter. You can then add sequins, tiny snowflakes or anything else like extra glitter to make it super sparkly. Kids can make snowballs or other fun creations, and even flatten it out to make a snow story scene with figurines or other toys.
  4. Salt crystal snowflakes
    Science at its best! Get kids to design their own special snowflake out of pipe cleaners to then suspend in saltwater filled jars. When removed and dried out for several days, you’ll have beautiful lifelike snowflakes! Use a microscope to examine the crystals up close for extra fun.
  5. Ice rescue
    Fill a few small containers with water and toys such as plastic or metal cars and helicopters. Children can then see how fast they can rescue the items using dull knives, salt and warm water.
  6. Paper polar bear masks
    Paper plate crafts are so simple and fun. Educators will need to cut out the eye holes, but kids will have a lot of fun sticking on ripped or scrunched tissue paper to make the fur and cup snout.
  7. Cotton ball snowmen
    Children love using cotton balls in craft because they’re easy to hold and a delight to touch. They also make great looking snow for art projects like snowmen! Simply draw or print a template for the kids to follow and then let them get busy creating and gluing with cotton balls, googly eyes and markers.
  8. Shivery snow paint
    Why use normal paint when you create magic with shivery snow paint?! Shaving cream, glue and sparkles work wonders when put together and look fantastic for any snow or winter paintings and craft projects.
  9. Snowflake stick ornaments
    Take the children on a walk outside to collect small sticks, then let them paint and decorate with glitter or stickers before gluing together in a snowflake style design. Once dry hang them with string for a winter wonderland!
  10. Footprint penguin art
    Kids love painting with their hands and feet. A footprint also makes a great penguin body when you use black paint! Cut out paper or felt for the tummy and beak, stick on googly eyes and add some wings. Cotton bud tips are also perfect for dipping in white paint to complete the picture with a bit of snow!

Thanks to Lemon Lime AdventuresLiving Well MomCraftulateKids Steam LabI Heart Crafty ThingsA Little Pinch of Perfect, and Growing a Jeweled Rose for all their fantastic winter craft and STEM activity ideas.

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