Fun Easter craft ideas - 2019

Published on Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Last updated on Tuesday, 31 December 2019

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Themed arts and crafts activities are a great way to keep children busy, they support the development of fine motor skills and also offer plenty of teaching opportunities. Easter, with all its motifs and symbolism is the perfect time to get cutting, colouring and pasting, and parents will love seeing all the amazing creations.

Here are nine clever, simple and cost-effective craft inspiration ideas for you to try with the children in your service this Easter.

Bunny corner bookmarks - It's always a great idea to encourage reading with young children, and these neat origami rabbit bookmarks will have them racing to open a book!

Thumbprint chicks - So simple and effective! Little yellow thumbprints can easily be turned into little chicks with markers which you can then cut out and paste onto cards. You can also create fun artworks with lots of the little chick thumbprints.

Easter rings - Print out rabbit and chick paper templates, colour them and then tape up to create fun paper rings for their tiny fingers they can show off to Mum or Dad.

Paper basket - These nifty paper Easter baskets can't hold anything too heavy, but they sure look great and will come in handy if you're doing any Easter hunts in the centre!

Bunny butt paper plate - One to make the kids (and parents!) laugh! Take a paper plate and stick on a couple of paper feet and a cotton ball for the tail and if you've got yourself a cute little bunny backside.

Carrot craft - For something a bit different, colour some paddle pop sticks orange. Stick them on to paper triangles and top with shredded green paper for nifty orange carrots with green tops!

Paper Easter bunny - Rolled cut up paper with a few extra touches like googly eyes and drawn on whiskers can create a great stand-up Easter bunny. Fast and simple to make but looks brilliant!

Melted crayon eggs - Unbelievably quick and easy. Simply pop a freshly (still hot) hardboiled egg into a holder, then rest a bit of broken crayon against it and voila! It will melt down and decorate the egg. Kids can also eat the eggs later if they want!

Easter egg brownies - Okay so technically this isn't craft, but kids will love helping whip up (and then eat!) a batch of these chocolate brownies topped with crumbled Easter eggs. Delicious!

Thanks to Easy Peasy and FunRed Ted Art and BBC Good Food for these delightful activity ideas.

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