Home Based Care Checklist

Published on Monday, 05 December 2016
Last updated on Tuesday, 17 November 2020

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Use this checklist as a reminder for the important things to look out for when you pay a visit to a potential Home Based Care provider for your child.

Initial Impressions Yes No n/a ?
  Is the atmosphere relaxed and happy?
  Do you feel welcome?
  Does the home seem well organised, clean and tidy?
  Is there anything that appears to be out of place?
Security & Safety Yes No n/a ?
  Does the home seem safe and secure?
  Are there safety gates and safety caps on electrical outlets?
  Has the educator, and their immediate family who may be in contact with the children, undergone police and background check?
  Are the radiators and heaters covered?
  Are medicines and household cleaners locked away or out of reach?
  Are there cords dangling from curtains or drapes?
  Is there air conditioning, good light, heat and ventilation?
  Are the fire exits adequate?
  Are there established emergency procedures?
  Are outside play areas safe from traffic and water?
  Is the furniture and play equipment safe?
  Are policies in place to report and document any accidents?
  Does the educator know how to administer CPR and/or first aid?
  Transportation of children - what is the child restraints policy if children are transported by car/taxi?
Hygiene Yes No n/a ?
  Are food preparation and eating areas clean and tidy?
  Is the rest of the house clean and tidy?
  Is all food cleaned up after snack and meal times?
  Is information on policies, such as hygiene procedures, available?
People & Environment Yes No n/a ?
  How long has the home based care service been running?
  How many children are cared for and what are the ages?
  What type of background checks are completed on the educator and family members who may come into contact with the children?
  What is the minimum qualification requirement for educators?
  Does the educator care for children everyday? If not,
how often are other educators used and how are they chosen?
  How does the educator deal with emotional issues, such as separation anxiety?
  Is there an orientation program for new parents and children?
  Is there a planned program for day-to-day activities?
  Does the educator interact and play with the children?
  Does the educator spend time talking to and encouraging the children?
  Do children appear to be relaxed, happy and playing cooperatively?
  Are there a wide range of toys and books supplied for the children?
  Are you welcome to visit at anytime?
  Do toileting, nappy changing, and rest times meet individual needs?
  Do snacks and meal times meet individual needs?
  Do you feel welcome to discuss your child and their policies?
  Does the educator have similar thoughts on discipline to your own?
  Are cultural differences recognised and accepted?
  Will your child's individual needs be met?
  What is the procedure for handling complaints against an educator?
  Do you feel a warm caring relationship will be developed with the educator and your child?
  Will this arrangement contribute positively to your child's total well being?
Cost Yes No n/a ?
  What are the daily fees?
  Can you claim the Child Care Subsidy?
  Does the service offer 20 hours ECE?

For a printable version of the checklist click here.

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