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The Effect of the Children’s Worker Safety Check

Children’s workers are a valuable part of our society. They provide care and support to our youngest generation and it’s vital that they do so in a skilled and risk-free manner.

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Keeping Kids Safe: Safety Standards & Legal Requirements

Minimum standards relating to child safety for children in early learning services, in the wake of a number of tragedies over recent months.

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New Food Rules and What They Mean for Your Centre

New Ministry of Health Guidelines relating to food safety and what early learning services need to do to comply with the new rules.

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What you need to know about emergency planning at child care

Learn about emergency management plans set in place following the Christchurch lockdown and how these work to keep your child safe while they are in child care.

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The rules around car seat safety

Protecting children from accidents when travelling in the family car.

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How safety is ensured in child care and what to do if you're worried

When you leave your little one at an early childhood education (ECE) service, you're trusting that they're in safe hands and a safe environment.