10 fun (and easy) birthday cakes to make

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  Published on Wednesday, 21 July 2021

10 fun (and easy) birthday cakes to make

Library Home  >  Parenting & Family LifeArts, Crafts & Activity Ideas
  Published on Wednesday, 21 July 2021
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There’s no shame in buying a ready-made cake for your child’s birthday celebrations, but if you’d like to serve something extra special, then look no further!

Here are 10 show-stopper cakes that are quick to make and will go down a treat with young guests.

  1. A rainbow cake

A rainbow cake is a splendid way to combine colour and fun, and there are two ways to cast a little magic, without a lot of effort:

  • For a classic rainbow design, simply top a round sponge with white icing, then press rows of red, orange, yellow, green and blue M&Ms or Skittles into a rainbow shape across the top half of the cake. Add a ‘cloud’ of mini-marshmallows at each end of the ‘bow and serve!
  • Or, for a twist on the rainbow theme, cut a round cake in half and lay it flat side down on a platter. Cover the cake with white icing, then press colourful rows of M&Ms or Skittles along the entire arched edge to make your rainbow really stand out – and up.

To add a pot of gold, top a small chocolate cake with gold-covered chocolate coins, then place your ‘pot’ at one end of the rainbow for little leprechauns to find.

  1. A teddy bear cake

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure to get a surprise at how easy it is to make a teddy bear cake!

You’ll just need one round sponge for the face, and another to cut into the ears and nose. Add some two-toned brown icing (roughed up with a fork), a couple of stare bear eyes and a cute little smile and prepare for happy dances when the guests arrive.

  1. A flower cake

Technically-speaking, it is possible to make easy fondant flowers, but for a kid’s birthday party, some colourful icing and carefully-placed M&Ms are blooming fantastic. 

This pretty flower cake takes one hour all up to make, bake and decorate, and it’s a delightful choice for fairy parties, tea parties and birthday picnics.

  1. A construction site cake

If your tyke is into trucks, then they’ll really dig a construction-themed cake.

With loads of chocolate, a smattering of Smarties, ‘Happy Birthday’ signage and some digger toys on top, everyone will be ripping in!

  1. A watermelon cake

For a fresh take on the birthday cake, consider whipping up a watermelon cake.

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser for fruit-lovers and the gluten intolerant, and to assemble this flour-free cake, simply cut a cake shape from a whole watermelon and decorate it with sugared cream.

You can also add some ‘sparkle’ with fruit skewers, but make sure any fruit shapes aren’t a choking risk for young children.

Bite-sized beauties

Mini-cakes are a great match for little mouths, and there’s always the option of downsizing one big birthday cake to lots of little ones.

If you like the idea, here are 5 cute cupcake recipes to choose from:

Bon Appetit!

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