8 ways to make Dad smile this Father’s Day

Published on Wednesday, 02 September 2020
Last updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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The pandemic has had a serious effect on all our lives, but Father’s Day is a great opportunity to have a giggle, relax as a family and thank Dad for all he does.

With a little effort and a lot of laughs, here are 8 ways your child can brighten Dad’s day on Sunday, 6 September:

  1. Make him breakfast

A simple bowl of cereal will make Dad happy, but for added fun, you could serve up alphabet pancakes that spell out ‘DAD’ or a plate of funny face toast, made with egg eyes, kale hair and a cheeky ham tongue!

If your child is old enough to write up a Father’s Day breakfast menu, then additions like ‘barked beans’ will get a smile, too.

  1. Launch a tickle war

Once the breakfast has gone down, there’s nothing gigglier than a tickle, and your young child will be more than happy to run feathery fingertips over Dad’s feet, ribs and underarms!

You can add pillows or balloons for another kind of play fight, and because rough and tumble play helps youngsters develop skills, it’s not just giggly, but educational too.

  1. Share some kid jokes

Dads get to tell terrible jokes all year round, so your child will relish the opportunity to stand up and tell a few of their own.

You can help them find some ‘quality’ material online or in a kids’ joke book, and “How do you make a hot dog stand?” is a good one to start with (“You take away its chair” of course!).

  1. Draw Dad’s portrait

There are websites that can turn Dad into a character from The Simpsons, but a personalised portrait by your child will add real meaning to the day.

Dad could sit for his portrait at the dining table or be surprised with a readymade artwork; and whether your child manages a true likeness or picks up on funny details (like Daddy’s nose hair), this kind of work will bring a smile to Dad’s face. 

  1. Surprise him with a special skill

If your child has just mastered the art of kicking a ball, tying their shoelace or riding a bike, then Father’s Day is the perfect time to show off their new talent and segue into a soccer match, running race or bike ride together.

Dad will love to see them developing in leaps and bounds, and chances are, he’ll be happy to share a few tricks of his own.

  1. Open a Daddy day spa

2020 has been a stressful year for many fathers, so why not invite yours to lie back and relaaaax with a DIY day spa? Your child could dab on moisturiser, massage Dad’s cheeks and look for grey hairs, while The Wiggles plays softly on repeat. Bliss!

  1. Take a trip down memory lane

Your child might not have been born when Dad’s favourite album, movie or video game came out, but they can still enjoy the nostalgia together.

There’s the option of setting up a YouTube disco, settling in for a screening of Labyrinth or staging a MarioKart marathon. Alternatively, Dad might like to look through some old family photos with your child or call Grandad to share some intergenerational love on Father’s Day.

  1. Read a humorous book together

A bedtime story is a great way to end the day and there are lots of funny, father-themed titles to check out, including:

  • How to (Not) Annoy Dad by Dave Hughes and Holly Ife
  • My Dad is a Robot by Matt Cosgrove and
  • The My Dad Thinks He’s Funny series by Katrina Germein (the new release is called My Dad Thinks He’s Super Funny).

And whatever you do on 6 September, we hope your Father’s Day is full of laughter, fun and love. Enjoy!

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