Roll up, roll up for the Red Nose Appeal!

Published on Wednesday, 29 July 2020
Last updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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Cure Kids is New Zealand’s leading child health research charity and their Red Nose Appeal is a brilliant way for families, schools and everyone to get involved in some feel-good fundraising.

This month, Cure Kids aim to raise more than $1,000,000 for NZ-based research that will help to save, extend and improve the lives of children living with serious illnesses and conditions.

Red Nose Day is their flagship event – being held this week Friday, 31 July – but there are fun things happening all month and lots of ways to make a positive difference to the health of Kiwi kids. 

What kinds of research does the Red Nose Appeal support?

Cure Kids is the largest funder of child health research outside the government. They currently fund 60 different projects and since 1976 they’ve supported many medical breakthroughs that have saved children’s lives and helped greatly with diagnosis and treatment.

This year’s Red Nose Appeal is raising funds for more research into childhood cancers, inherited heart conditions, epilepsy, infectious diseases, cystic fibrosis, sudden unexpected death in infants (SUDI), stillbirth, burns, child and adolescent mental health and many other research areas.

The Appeal provides hope for better treatments, preventative strategies and future cures for children with serious health conditions, so it’s an important cause to contribute to.

How can you get involved with the Red Nose Appeal?

There are a few ways to donate your money and time to the Cure Kids appeal:

  • You can make an online donation - More money pays for more research, so if you’re able, head to this link and give a little or a lot.
  • You can get a red nose - The iconic red nose has gone digital this year, so instead of wearing an enviro-unfriendly foam nose, you’re encouraged to add a Red Nose filter to your social media profile and make an online donation.
  • You can get involved with a fundraiser - Schools, businesses and individuals are all raising money for this great cause, and there are fun challenges and events being held all over New Zealand.

    Some people are being sponsored to give up something they love for a month (hello coffee) or complete a physical challenge, and others are donating the proceeds of movie nights or Trade Me sales to the cause.

If a friend or family member has organised a Red Nose event or challenge, make sure you hop onto their fundraising page and make a donation. You can also share their fundraiser on social media using #RedNoseDayNZ with a @curekidscharity tag.

  • You can volunteer to help - Cure Kids is also looking for keen beans to volunteer on Red Nose Day. If you’re interested, you can register here.

All in all, the Red Nose Appeal is a great cause that’s close to the hearts of families across New Zealand. With our help, Cure Kids can brighten the lives of children with serious health conditions, so put 31 July in your diary and mosey on down to a Red Nose event another time this month. 

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