Gift ideas for your child's educators

Published on Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Last updated on Tuesday, 31 December 2019

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Early childhood educators work hard all year to provide our children with safe, stimulating and fun experiences, and now is the season to give a little back.

Whether you choose a homespun or store-bought gift, here are eight ways to thank your child's educator for all they do.

1. Share something festive

Christmas decorations are a lovely way to light up your educator's home, and your family can either make an ornament, like this sparkly ice block stick tree, or order a special keepsake, such as this pukeko paua shell Christmas decoration.

2. Serve up something yummy

Food gifts also go down a treat, so you might want to hand over a seasonal fruit basket, some homemade goodies or a box of chocolates. And depending on your educator's tastes, a bottle of wine or champagne may work too.

3. Buy them a gift card

Whether you shout them a double pass to the movies, an iTunes credit or let them loose at Westfield, a pre-paid gift card is always appreciated.

4. Go eco-friendly

A re-usable coffee cup or shopping bag is something your educator will get good use out of, plus there are some cool lunchboxes and drink bottles to help them reduce plastic and serve their sustenance in style.

5. Order some special stationery

Personalised notebooks and pencil cases are thoughtful ideas too, as they’re practical and made especially for your educator.

6. Say it with flowers

Whether they're picked from your garden, bought from a florist or potted up in soil, flowers are a gorgeous way to add colour to your educator's day. And when it comes to plants, succulents and herbs are excellent ideas too, especially when they're given in a hand-decorated pot, like this 'Thank You for Helping Me to Grow' idea.

7. Find them a page-turner

The Christmas holidays are a great time to relax with a book, so if your educator likes to read, then there are stacks of funny, motivational and Award-winning books to choose from.

The Booker Prize was announced in October, and for something lighter, this 'Why You're the Best Teacher Ever' book is a fun gift to fill out with your child.

8. And last, but definitely not least, write a thank you card

A greeting card doesn't cost much, especially if your child makes it, but a heartfelt message is priceless. Take the time to thank your educator for everything, because your meaningful 2019 card is something they’ll treasure for years to come.

Further reading

Kindness is an important trait to nurture in your child and when you’re organising an educator's gift with your child remember to remind them about the importance of being kind and showing gratitude all year round. This article contains some helpful reminders.

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