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Published on Monday, 28 October 2019
Last updated on Friday, 17 December 2021

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How to apply for financial assistance online

MyMSD is an online service that makes it simple to apply for a benefit, check payments, make appointments with Work and Income and update information when your circumstances or details change.

You can apply for various types of child care and family assistance using MyMSD, including the OSCAR Subsidy, Childcare Subsidy and Accommodation Supplement, so let’s see how the online application process works.

How do you register for MyMSD?

Before you apply for any financial assistance, the first step is to log in to MyMSD.

If you're registered for MyMSD, then just log in as normal, and if you're not registered with MyMSD, then you'll need to organise this first. 

To register for the online service, simply:

  • Go to MyMSD and click the 'Register for MyMSD' button;
  • Enter your client number and birth date (if you don't have a client number you can request one here);
  •  Agree to the MyMSD terms of use/privacy and click 'Next';
  • Enter the six-digit code they send to your mobile/email and click 'Next' (if you haven't registered a phone number or email with Work and Income, call them on 0800 559 009, say 'client number', then provide your number and email);
  • You can then choose to log in by creating a four-digit PIN, ur using your RealMe Log in (if you have this). Either way, you'll land on the MyMSD home page and can apply from there.

How do you apply for financial assistance via MyMSD?

Once you’re logged in to MyMSD, you need to follow the online application process and apply for a benefit or payment. You have 20 working days from the date you first contact Work and Income to finish the application process. 

The steps are detailed below, and keep in mind that your partner (if you have one) might need to complete some of the steps as well, using their own MyMSD log in:

  1. Complete and submit the online form for your benefit or payment. Select 'Apply' to go to the online form, then provide all the information it requests (e.g. income details, child care expenses, bank account details, IRD numbers etc). Some information will be automatically pre-filled (based on information you've already given to Work and Income), but allow plenty of time to collate your information and work your way through the form. It might take around 30 to 60 minutes, and there's the option of doing it in stages, saving as you go. The form will automatically work out what you might get, based on your answers.
  2. Read and agree to your obligations. There are certain things you need to do when you get financial assistance from Work and Income, and you must confirm in MyMSD that you’ve read and understood your obligations. If you’re not sure what they mean or have concerns, you can speak with Work and Income when they call you to process your application. 
  3. Upload your supporting documents. MyMSD will tell you what documents you  need to provide (relating to yourself and your partner, if you have one). MyMSD will guide you through the upload process and explain the type of documents they accept. Some applicants will need to get a medical certificate, so follow the instructions you specifically receive. 
  4. Wait for Work and Income to contact you. This will happen within five working days, and the purpose of this call is to run through your application to check that you’re getting everything you’re entitled to, discuss your obligations (if you want to talk about them), and help you upload any documents that are still outstanding. 
  5. Wait for your application to be processed. Once Work and Income have received all your information, they will process your application and let you know (by phone or letter) when this has been done. If you’re not happy with their decision, you can ask for it to be reviewed. 
  6. Wait for payments to start. MyMSD will tell you when payments will begin. Usually, they start from the date your application was approved, but some payments take longer to begin. Also, keep in mind, that Work and Income pays in arrears, so you won’t be paid in the first week after your payment start date.  
  7. Manage your online information. Going forward, you can log in to MyMSD to check your payments, tell the government about changes to your circumstances, and view most of the letters you've been sent.

What about RealMe?

In the past, it was possible to apply for benefits and payments  via RealMe instead of MyMSD.

Things have changed, though, and as of 30 June 2020, you can’t submit applications through RealMe. MyMSD is the place to go. 

Where can you get help with an application?

If you can't use MyMSD, call Work and Income on 0800 559 009 and they'll explain the best way for you to apply.

If you're having problems with your online application or MyMSD generally, Work and Income provides trouble-shooting advice here.

And if problems persist, their online help team is available weekdays between 8am and 5pm. To get through to them, call 0800 559 009 and say ‘online help’ at the prompt. 


Work and Income: Apply online

Work and Income: Online application process

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