Children's Health in Child Care Tool Kit

Published on Monday, 05 December 2016
Last updated on Wednesday, 04 December 2019

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Child care services practice good hygiene and maintain strict exclusion policies to prevent the spread of germs however there's still a good chance your child will come down with a cold at some stage.

Keeping Your Child Healthy in Child Care offers an overview of the things you can do to keep your child well and how you can help your child care provider in their mission to keep everyone well.

Vaccination is an important element of New Zealand's public health policy and this article on vaccination rules for child care explains the policies around children in child care and vaccinations.

Nutrition plays an important role in keeping your child well. Nutrition and Children in Child Care explains what you should look for in a child care services food and nutrition policy.

Children suffer stress in the same ways adults do and this article on Stress Reduction Strategies for Children in Care explains how it can impact children and what we can do to make life less stressful for children in care.

When sick days happen you need to be prepared, Sick Days and Emergency Child Care walks you through the options.

If your child has a severe allergy you'll need to ensure the child care service you choose is equipped to manage. This article on Dealing with Severe Allergies in Child Care offers some information and guidance on what to look for.

Child Care and Head Lice are a very popular pairing! Read this article to learn what you need to look for and what you should do in the event of your kid catching nits.

While Bullying in Child Care is relatively rare because of the age of the children, it's worth learning about this subject to ensure you can recognise the signs of bullying.

Child care providers are required to have a sun protection policy for children and staff, but sun safety starts at home. Protecting Your Child's Skin in Child Care offers loads of simple suggestions on how to develop sun safe habits in your family.

Biting is a common developmental phase that many young children go through. Successfully dealing with a child who bites identifies the main causes of biting and offers some strategies to help you manage this behaviour when it arises.

The Tools

Keeping Your Child Healthy in Child Care
Child Care and Vaccination
Sick Days and Emergency Child Care
Dealing with Severe Allergies in Child Care
Child Care and Head Lice
Bullying in Child Care
Successfully Dealing With a Child Who Bites

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