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About Playhouse Incorporated; Parliamentary Childcare Centre

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Playhouse is a not-for-profit community/workplace childcare centre. We are managed by a Senior Teacher and Office Manager in conjunction with a parent committee. This means that there are many opportunities for our parents and whanau to become involved in many ways with Playhouse. Playhouse is licenced for 30 children per day, 7 under two year olds and 23 over two. We provide care and education for children from six months to five years.Our under twos are in the Kiwi room and Over twos in the Tui room.

Playhouse offers children a self-selecting programme based on Te Whariki, The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. We provide children with opportunities to make choices about the type and manner of their participation and provide an environment that supports the holistic way young children learn and develop.

You may arrive from 7.30am to settle your child, however you need to stay until 7.45am and home time is 5:30pm, late staff stay until 5:45 to complete their end of the day clean up jobs. We operate Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. We require a minimum of two days attendance per week of 6.5 hours minimum per day, so that children can become familiar with the Centre and its routines. We have two teacher only days per year and close for two weeks over the Christmas Break. Fees are payable 52 weeks a year by automatic payment.

We have a waiting list and Parliamentary placements are given priority. Parents are asked to complete a waiting list form and scan or email it back to us. Once we receive your form your request will be processed and you will be contacted when a suitable place becomes available. The waiting list can be difficult to predict, we try to provide an indication upon application but cannot offer a guarantee. Please advise the Office Manager if any of your needs change while you are waiting for a place, this makes us better able to find you a suitable place.

Apart from a stimulating, warm and caring environment, we have low staff turnover and our teacher: child ratios are 2:7 for under 2’s and 4:23 for over twos and 95% of our teachers are trained and registered early childhood teachers. We further provide the following:

  • Morning tea & filtered water
  • Sunblock
  • Outings and entertainment including bus and train trips
  • Bed linen for sleep times
  • Nappy wipes
  • Civil defence supplies
  • Little Dribblers Football for 4yr olds (weekly)
  • A great transition to school programme for our 4 year olds

Young children learn through creative play and this kind of play can be messy. They’ll get paint on their clothes and sand & play dough in their hair, so dress them in clothes that are comfortable, easily washed and suitable for active play.

  • A clearly labelled bag for your child
  • Two changes of clothes, clearly labelled
  • Enough nappies for the day
  • Seasonal clothing which include jackets, raincoats and gumboots
  • Lunchbox with lunch and afternoon tea as well as milk/formula and bottles needed for the day
  • Transition objects/ comfort objects like: a cuddly blanket, dummy, sleep sack etc.
  • Each child has their own locker or bag hook for their belongings 

*Once you accept a place at Playhouse a wet bag, sunhat and winter beanie is pur-chased from Playhouse for your child for $35

A child’s first day at Playhouse is a big step into a new and exciting world that they are unfamiliar with. Take as much time as possible to help your child be-come familiar with Playhouse before you leave them for the first time. It may take a couple of weeks or more before you both feel happy about this and we welcome this participation. We require our children to have five formal settling in days before starting, there is no charge for these induction visits. We do however strongly suggest that you bring your child in, in the weeks leading up to the formal settling in period for an hour or so in the mornings or afternoons for at least 3 visits (preferably more) as this helps your child in their transition into Playhouse.

Formal induction week:
Day 1. 9am – 11:30 am with a parent
Day 2. 9am – 11:30 am with a parent
Day 3. 9am – 11:30 am with a parent and induction day
Day 4. 9:30 – 12:00 pm without a parent
Day 5. 9:30 – 1:00 pm without a parent
It is over this whole time that we would like to get to know your child and your family. There is time for lots of questions and sharing of information between the teachers and you to enable us to get to know your child before they start at Playhouse.
*See our enrolment policy for more information

Movement between the two rooms is based on developmental readiness and availability of spaces. Usually children transition from the Kiwi room to the Tui room around their 2nd Birthday. Parents are notified and kept informed about the likelihood and timing of transitions and before the child transitions your child's information is exchanged between the new and existing teachers.

We recognise that each child is unique and comes to us with their own sleeping routine. Therefor teachers will endeavour to follow individual routines in a re-laxed and familiar environment. All children are provided with their own individu-al sleeping space and bed linen. Linen is washed weekly and beds are aired regularly. Our sleep rooms are positive and peaceful spaces. However they are not silent spaces and parents should ensure their child is used to sleeping at home with some background noise.

Play and learning occurs simultaneously. At Playhouse we encourage the following dispositions; risks taking, communicating with others and in front of others, solving problems, working together, being respectful, asking questions, thinking creatively. Through play children learn how to listen to others, take turns, negotiate, solve problems, be creative and so much more.

Learning dispositions, and schemas form part of our documentation of children’s learning. We document children's learning and development in a learning story for-mat, which consists of observations and photos written about what we observed. A daily email celebrating the mahi of the day is sent out to all parents. This gives you as a parent a snap shot of the day and is a great opportunity for conversation about their day at Playhouse. Playhouse provide profile books and we also use Story Park.

When you show consideration for another person you communicate to them that they are valued. A culture of respect in our setting means that interactions be-tween teachers and children are respectful and reciprocal. Children are afforded the gift of time, teachers are responsive, able to tune in, there is predictability to routines and routines are unhurried.

Our policies and procedures are clearly set out in our POLICIES folder, located at our sign in desk. Please take time in your induction week to familiarise yourself with our policies and procedures and feel free to ask questions. We regularly practice the following emergency procedures: fire evacuation drill, drop cover hold for an earthquake as well as a lock down procedure.

We celebrate children's birthdays and happy first and last days with a special mat time at 3pm. Parents can supply small cupcakes, fruit kebabs or biscuits as celebration food. Please keep in mind that Playhouse is a NUT FREE ZONE.

If you would like to visit Playhouse please phone the Senior Teacher or Office Manager to select an appropriate time. As a general rule between 9.30 – 11.30 or 1.30 – 4.00 are best. This means you will be able to view the most useful parts of our programme.


  • Our programme is based on the emergent New Zealand curriculum. Te Whariki and has its foundation in the principles of Te Tiriti of Waitangi
  • Our programme reflects the dual cultural heritage of New Zealand while embracing the rich diversity of the many cultures in Aotearoa
  • We foster a learning environment of thinking, co-construction, problem solving, exploring with others and we respect how different children learn
  • We practice Whanaungatanga – the fostering of family relationships and see our parents and whanau as primary caregivers, and together we aim to meet the aspirations for our children
  • We practice Manaakitanga – we aspire to be welcoming, have caring relationships and celebrate together
  • We foster responsibility and respect for Papatanuku, our taonga and our Playhouse environment by embracing the principle of Kaitiakitanga


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